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Define worse.

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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

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This drawing took me forever but I guess it was worth it haha

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James McAvoy photographed by Matt Irwin for OUT Magazine - Part 2 (X)

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A little fall of rain…

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in the flesh meme - relationships [4/4] → Kieren & Rick

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Costumes - Leather Cloak

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of course, of course he plays the guitar.

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The greatest lesson I’ve ever learned is that happiness comes from yourself, first and foremost. It’s not someone else’s responsibility to make you happy; it’s on you to be your most fulfilled self.
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Sebastian Stan for Out Magazine (June/July 2009 Issue)

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There’s nobody on this earth who can tell you that what you’re feeling is wrong. They can tell you it’s different to what they’re feeling. " ZOE SALDANA

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